Here’s A Great Thing To Do On Friday

Imagine that it’s the end of next week. On a large blank sheet of paper write down what you would like to be able to say about the week “just gone”. How have you spent it? How were you? What have you achieved?. The list will probably be a mix of personal and professional tasks and aspirations.

Write down what’s coming up for you and your team in the next few months – what are the big deliverables, the likely challenges, the opportunities you want to take advantage of?

If you lead a team, write down how you want to grow and develop team members – who needs support? Who do you want to catch up with? What would make the team a stronger team? (more collaborative? more strategic? More embedded in the business?). Write about what’s needed for your own development.

Next print out your agenda for next week– and make sure that it is contains things like travelling time, waiting time, meetings, personal and family commitments.

Look at next week’s meetings – what can you do today to make sure they are productive? (ask for an agenda? Clarify the meeting objective? Check why you’ve been invited? Bring along a member of your team?)

Reflect on the opportunities that next week offers: Who would it be good to have lunch with? Coffee with? Who are you travelling with – how do you want to use that time? Who will you bump into at various meetings? Who needs to be lined up about future challenges? Waiting for kids playing football? Might it be useful to have some good podcasts lined up? Not much exercise lately? And maybe it’s been a long time since you and your other half had a date? Could you walk somewhere lovely for brunch?Put the list away and get on with your day. Notice what synchronicities occur.

Writing spaces, however short are like a meditation (Dr Jeannie Wright, reflective writing guru)

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